White girl bestfriend

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So, you're hip. You're smart. You've got class. And when you say " Some of My Best Friends Are X ", you want people to know that there is credibility behind that statement. What's the best way to show it? By having a black Best Friend!

Your black best friend is sassy. She's never too busy to lend an ear, or come along on your wacky schemes. She is flawless to the point of being unreal. Until it's time to save the day of course. That's what white heroes are for. Is it because she has no love life, no apartment, and no family? It's hard to say, but there's one thing for sure. She has a cell phone, and never ignores your calls. Simply being black as well as friends with a white character does not automatically make a character this trope.

A black character who's shown to be just as relevant as their white counterparts does not count as this trope. Black characters with their own storytheir own distinguished identity and goals; characters who undergo personal growth shouldn't be listed note For instance, Green Lantern John Stewart, although created in the same era as The Falcon and James Rhodeswas never created to be a sidekick. He was initially a reservist who was ased to fill in for Jordan when he was not available for duty and had his own life to lead otherwise.

In addition, black people in Real Life should definitely not be listed. Living beings do not exist in accordance to another person based on ethnicity. May also be Black and Nerdy. Some of the clunkier examples of Token White invert the race aspect of this trope, note Technically a full inversion would be the black lead having a multifaceted and well written white best friend. Community Showcase More.

Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. Somehow, having zero black friends is less racist than having one black friend! Magical Doremi gives us Beth, Momoko's best friend from back in the USA who pops up a few times as if to say, "Momoko lived in America, and there were black people there!

We actually know quite a bit about Patrick "Panther" Spencer, but as for his best friend Homer, well He's white. And nice. That's about it. That, and he acts as a part-time narrator and gives typical reactions to Joseph's very bizarre journey. Chris Rock : He makes fun of this in one of his standups when he says "All my black friends have a bunch of white friends, and all my white friends have one black friend! Comic Books.

Marvel Universe Spider-Man : J. On the flipside, Georgia mainly exists to fill said friend role. Batman has Lucius Fox, Bruce Wayne's business manager to begin with. Now, in addition to being Batman's money man, Fox, now that it is established that he knows all about his boss' Batman activities, now also works as his armorer and helps in Mission Control. However, he is only ever a supporting character to the white Bruce. Machiste who, despite being king of his own land, spends most of his time as the loyal companion to Travis Morgan in The Warlord.

Jak and Todd from The Dandy. Jak originally appeared in the late nineties but in was thrust onto The Dandy's cover along with a new black best friend called Todd, complete with Funny Afroas part of The Dandy's revamp at the time. Subverted in Kevin J. Taylor's Girl series as Jessie James has enough of a life as a globe-trotting photographer and fellow sex-positive woman to have the occasional A Day in the Limelightbut 1. Jaliera is revealed to be But Not Too Black and 2.

Jessie is especially a Muggle Best Friend and Secret Keeper to Jaliera's Hot Witch that Jaliera talks about her supernatural adventures with, magically becomes an omniglot in thanks for her friendship and provides connections for help when Jaliera needs supernatural assistance. Comic Strips. Franklin in Peanuts was the strip's first black character, although he's depicted as Shermy's best friend, rather than the protagonist Charlie Brown's. Originally, Franklin was a kid from the next neighborhood over who apparently knew Charlie Brown from school and was visiting the Peanuts Gang.

He proceeded to become the Only Sane Man when he realized that all the kids in the neighborhood were so eccentric that he could never possibly be friends with them. He obviously changed his mind later, though. Being in the same class as Peppermint Patty with all her silliness helps.

Usually he's pulled out to show how tolerant the Pattersons are. Films — Live-Action. Sky High : In a predominantly white cast, the black cheerleader Penny plays second fiddle to popular girl Gwen. Bennet from The Sorcerer's Apprentice is one of the greatest offenders. He is African-American only has a couple of scenes, usually for a bit of Plucky Comic Reliefwhere he shares the bedroom with the hero and seems to be the ''only'' person who talks to him and when he does is to say that Dave has to get a girlfriend and introduce a Chekhov's Gun that is going to be used by the Big Bad.

Then, when he's having a date, Dave calls him for help and he leaves in the same instant, meets the hero, he says he's willing to do anything to help him and then he VANISHES without any explanation whatsoever. Her role in the film is notably reduced compared to the book - where she has her own subplot involving her alcohol problems - and she just seems to exist to call Andy out any time she messes up. Bubba is this to Forrest Gump.

He's there as Forrest's war buddy and it's suggested they'll become business partners but then he dies in Vietnam, and Forrest names his eventual shrimping company after him - giving a share of the profits to his mother.

White girl bestfriend

Slightly averted in that Forrest only had one other friend at that point, who wasn't around. She's even killed off twice only to reappear again with no explanation. Inverted in The Karate Kid in that as soon as Dre moves to China a local blonde starts being his friend but barely has a line in the film. In the movie of Matildaher best friend, Lavender, is black, even though the original book illustrations drew her as white. She gets no in-depth characterisation or growth, and is probably given a Race Lift to make Matilda seem more open-minded and inclusive than her family.

She gets one independent moment where she decides to get back at the Trunchbull for locking Matilda in the Chokey by putting a newt into her water it's also her who tells Miss Honey the former, allowing Matilda to be rescued but besides that is just there as the best friend. Inversion in Independence Day. The hero, Steven Hiller, is a black Marine fighter pilot and his white best friend, Jimmy, is the wise-cracking comic relief who's also one of the first to die.

It's worth noting that the hero wasn't written as a black character, but the role went to a young Will Smith. In the film ChronicleSteve Montgomery is the Black Best Friend of the two white protagonists who also develop superpowers. He's done a bit more justice than the typical Black Best Friend, though - he's the most popular, sociable and outgoing member of the trio and is suggested to be a positive influence on both of themis a well-rounded character who doesn't exhibit any particularly stereotypical attitudes or behaviors, and the development of the friendship between the members of the trio is treated as a meaningful plot arc.

David befriends a black hip-hop artist named Dom and makes him come into work to show the HR rep that even though he made a racist joke, it's cancelled out by the fact that he knows a black guy. Adding to the hilarity is the fact that this was Dom's first appearance in the film. Parodied in Not Another Teen Movie with Malik Token, who lampshades as the Token Minority of the film, that he should only smile politely, stay out of the conversation and just say things like "Bling-bling! Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri - Mildred's only friend or at leas the only character she treats nicely is her black co-worker.

She's arrested for drug possession early on in the film and doesn't get released until the last act - allowing Mildred to have plenty of angst in between. Oh and then Stryker cheats on Alison with her. Berk also has a black friend called Dennis, who has less of a role in the plot than their other best friend Felix.

His contribution to the plot is being a last minute replacement for a dancer in the school musical. Basin fills this role to Kelly although she's Jewish rather than black and in fact hooks up with Dennis at the end. Her only independent moment is to be annoyed that she's cast in a minor role in the school play.

Their main functions are to support their friends, to act as an Angry Black Man and Sassy Black Woman respectively, and to hook up with each other Chad's chemistry with Ryan notwithstanding. Louise is a highly competent character with no real flaws, but her life seems to revolve entirely around helping and supporting Carrie, to the point where she interrupts her own wedding dress fitting to assist Carrie long after putting in her notice and presumably no longer being on Carrie's payroll.

Every hobby, interest, or quirk Louise is shown to have her interest in handbags, her favorite movie, her good luck keychain and what it symbolizes either aligns with Carrie, ends up revolving around Carrie and Carrie's problems, or both.

It is also particularly noteworthy that in a movie focused on female friendships, it never seems to occur to Carrie to introduce Louise to any of her other friends. Although it wouldn't be expected that any other character would become part of the foursome at that stage, peripheral white friends generally seem to know and occasionally interact with the rest of the group.

Carrie's relationship with her sole black friend is kept totally separate and never seems to merit even casual inclusion in her broader social circle. Tales from the Hood 2 : Practically name-dropped in "Good Golly", where Audrey thinks that having Zoe as her best friend means that she can't be racist. The Craft plays with this when it comes to Rochelle. She was in fact written to be just another white girl, but Rachel True really lobbied for the part, and the filmmakers gave her a Race Lift and incorporated racist bullying into the plot.

She's still the least focused on of the le, we never see her home life and she doesn't have much characterization outside of her racist bullying subplot. Rachel True played a straighter example in the film Embrace of the Vampire. Again, the character was originally written to be white.

White girl bestfriend

And again, she's there as a Satellite Character for Charlotte to talk to. In the first scene, Deb is forcing Julie to finally return home for the summer. He gets some focus as the boy who does the Quidditch commentary but is still mostly defined as "the twins' friend". The latter initially got more characterization, but Dean overcame this by becoming Ginny's Romantic False Lead and getting some focus as a runaway in the last two books.

White girl bestfriend

Inverted for Cho Chang who is Asian and has a white best friend Marietta that fits the Satellite Character requirements of the trope almost to the letter; she's introduced as Cho's friend and is only at the DA meetings because of Cho. Parodied in the Johnny Maxwell Trilogy with Yo-less, who is "technically black".

Yo-less was once asked if it was racist for him to be Baron Samedi for Halloween. He says no, it can't be racist if it's him doing it. The nickname, incidentally, is because he is so chronically unhip that it goes far beyond not conforming to stereotypes; he's actually "whiter" than his aggressively Anglo friends. Jessica, from the Betsy the Vampire Queen series.

White girl bestfriend

She is undeniably sassyand despite having no supernatural powers unlike many other characters in the seriesshe is something of a Magical Negrodue to her stupendous inherited wealth. The Sympathetic P. On the other hand, April is definitely the sassier of the two, which would have been an Inverted Trope had the stereotype been codified. Defied by Regine, the black secondary character from More Than This. She calls Seth out on thinking that everything revolves around him and that Regine and Tomasz are some sort of props to help him on his journey.

Rafael, Greg's study partner in an Israeli yeshiva in the middle third of A Wolf in the Soulis a black convert to Judaism. His older brother, also a convert, appears later and earlier in the book. Shaunee is the only black main character of The House of Nightand her main character trait is being best friends with Erin.

White girl bestfriend

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