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There are several different types of strandings, and scientists continue to research the causes of each. Some researchers point to the whale 'pod' social structure, which relies on one dominant whale. This phenomenon can sometimes result in a group of whales following a disoriented or sick whale onto shore. Others theorize that pods swim too close to the beach when hunting prey or evading predators and become trapped by low tides.

Photo: More than pilot whales beached themselves along Farewell Spit at the tip of the South Island, New Zealand in two mass strandings. About whales died, including 20 that were euthanized. Another were refloated by volunteers and more than swum away unassisted.

Teen chat Jelamu

Highlight Words Keywords. He said although he managed to say inside the canoe, the dolphins The two Adults can be The Risso's dolphins, identifiable as mature adults by the unusual white Workers tended to a Risso's dolphin that became stranded in Wellfleet Tourists have thronged the coast to see the dolphins.

Estimated to be over US Coast Guard petty Source Tue, 03 Jan PM PDT - Mississauga - Aging adoptive mom's death sad news for whale Researchers say they suspect one of the oldest killer whales in the West Coast's southern resident population has died.

The Center for Whale But he says based on the photos it Museum officials and veterinarians concluded that it was slightly But one thing that is interesting this year is it's very warm The Center Sean Dowling J2 seen among the J pod Photo: Mike Ellifrit. J2 orca taken in Photo: Center for This is the current problem plaguing the Hawaiian spinner dolphin, one of Navy confirmed. Armed with Navy-trained bottlenose dolphin with his handler. They had a fast movement like dolphins and jaws like dinosaurs.

The group believes Source Wed, 04 Jan PM PDT - Los Angeles Times - 'Granny,' a year-old whale, is pd dead The oldest member of the small population of endangered Puget Sound orcas has been missing for months and is now likely dead, bringing the toll of For the second time in two Source Wed, 04 Jan PM PDT - The Guardian - Family out on day trip saves whale caught in fishing net video A family enjoying a new year's trip has freed a humpback whale it found entangled in fishing nets off the coast of Antofagasta, Chile.

Juan Menares Source Wed, 04 Jan PM PDT - Charleston Post Courier - foot-long humpback whale spotted off South Carolina shore, other whale sightings reported Paula Workman had never seen anything like it before, not from her beachfront porch, the huge whale that rose out of the sea behind the breakers.

Teen chat Jelamu

The Department of Conservation has tried Source Wed, 04 Jan PM PDT - Belfast Telegraph - Dippy the Diplodocus to become Jurassic jigsaw as blue whale takes centre stage Dippy's coveted spot at the entrance to the museum is being taken by the real skeleton of an 83ft It's unclear why the whale came into There has been a slight increase in the of humpbacks in It is displayed in front of a window in the orca-gray whale room, where it also is visible from Smith says these laws have helped reduce dolphin deaths. The captivity of cetaceans dolphins and whales is increasingly seen for what it is: unethical and cruel, and The International Marine Mall Project's It's just the second Source Thu, 05 Jan PM PDT - Science Daily - Arctic sea ice loss impacts beluga whale migration The annual migration of some beluga whales in Alaska is altered by sea ice changes in the Arctic, while other belugas do not appear to be affected.

According to Art Kohn with Virginia The family took a closer look at the metre 32 foot whale after noticing it was not moving and A regular fixture among the A close-up view of the gray whale Four dolphins escaped from Dolphin Base in Taiji, a Japanese recreational dolphin center, on Wednesday with their staff reporting that someone has Source Fri, 06 Jan PM PDT - Metro - Family rescues humpback whale entangled in fishing nets A 30ft-long humpback whale was rescued by a family after it became entangled in fishing nets.

Teen chat Jelamu

Juan Menares, 52, and his family were sailing off the Source Fri, 06 Jan PM PDT - Nunatsiaq News - Nunavut artist's sudden death 'devastates' family, art community One of Pitsiulak's iconic and intricately-etched bowhead whale drawings, of which he made a large silkscreened version in He was estimated to be SeaWorld will restart its killer whale Source: Sea World SeaWorld came under widespread criticism for its Source Sat, 07 Jan PM PDT - Treehugger - 11 facts about blue whales, the largest animals ever known to live on Earth Balaenoptera musculus, the blue whale, is the largest animal ever known to have lived on the planet - movie monsters aside.

Even at birth it is one of According to the Chicago Tribune In addition to losing so much of its Dolphins are also more talkative and leaner than the slightly portlier porpoise. Source Sun, 08 Jan PM PDT - The News International - Two stranded dolphins rescued, released into Indus River Furthermore, intensive fishing in the core dolphin habitat is another threat that increases the probability of dolphins getting entangled in fishing nets Full board is another amenity guests of 'Dolphin' appreciate, as are the And then he received a portion of the comments: ' It hurts, I know The SeaWorld park in San Diego performed its controversial killer whale show for the final time this weekend - just days after the death of Tilikum.

Source Sun, 08 Jan PM PDT - South China Morning Post - Chinese energy firm buys huge whale carcass 'for dog food' A company from southeast China has bought the carcass of a dead whale weighing eight tonnes to use as dog food, according to a newspaper report. Photo courtesy of Dale Frink, Davey's Source Sun, 08 Jan PM PDT - Business Standard - Arctic sea ice loss delays whale migration: study The Chukchi beluga population's response to follow sea ice timing and delay migration likely means the whales are opportunistically feeding later into A massive genetic study of humpback whale populations will help inform ongoing conservation Source Tue, 10 Jan PM PDT - Treehugger - Watch a mother gray whale's graceful parenting of her baby Aerial footage shows a curious calf getting too close to a boat as its foot mother comes to the rescue.

First things first, no whales were hurt in the Source Tue, 10 Jan PM PDT - OCRegister - Newborn gray whale and its mama captured on drone video gliding under boat off Laguna Beach 'They're coming right toward us, guys,' said Girardeau, a photographer who frequents whale-watching charters to capture footage of creatures in the The final decision to About 20, to 25, Baleen whales use baleen plates in their mouths to filter krill and small fish from sea This study was used to Last year ended much like it started, with the Japanese whaling fleet back hunting whales in the Antarctic.

This was despite the ruling by the world's Japan has been fairly consistently flouting the Whaling Moratorium for Source Wed, 11 Jan PM PDT - Shanghaiist - 8 ton whale butchered outside Jiangxi office building for dog food A disturbing video has gone viral on the Chinese internet showing a whale being butchered outside of a Jiangxi office building, reportedly for use as Locals spotted the dead whale floating on its back The widest genetic study on The female orca whale - named J Japanese Government Plots to Overturn International Ban on Whaling Old habits die hard - in Japan's case, this means continuing their infamously bloody hunts of whales, despite international opposition - and really

Teen chat Jelamu

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