Swingers the villages. Swinging.

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Notifications can be turned off anytime from browser settings. The Florida community houses overresidents who live 'the American dream' amid the faux landscapes, manicured lawns, and picturesque homes. Barely 70 miles north-west of Orlando, a dreamland termed 'The Villages' lies like an oasis amid the empty wilderness of central Florida. Deed to be the world's largest retirement community, the square-mile area is often informally dubbed as a 'Disneyland for retirees'. Their website and social media portals advertize a postcard-worthy place straight out of fantasies, filled with such fun and frolic that you cannot wait to grow old!

However, there is allegedly a dark underbelly of 'The Villages', which the public outside the boundaries of the community are hardly aware of. A recent documentary by Lance Oppenheim, titled 'Some Kind of Heaven', unveils the notorious swingers scene, an abundance of alcohol and drugs, and controversial politics that engulfs the lives of the seniors settled there. Seniors who can smell roses, lemons or thinners may have lower chances of suffering from dementia, says study. And the crime rate? Nearly zero.

Census statistics have identified this place as the fastest-growing metro in the USA between andwith five zip codes now coming within its ambit. With more than real estate agents at your disposal, interested buyers can avail their options for a retirement home in one of the neighborhoods within 'The Villages'. At present, the community houses overresidents who live out their sunset years amid the faux coastal landscapes, manicured lawns, and picturesque homes that look like coming straight from old Westerns or the antebellum South, as DailyMail reports.

Swingers the villages. Swinging.

Richard Schwartz, the heir of the developer, says that the residents are living the American dream. Oppenheim's documentary slowly unravels the untold truth about 'The Villages', as he follows the lives of four senior residents. The community exudes an outburst of positivity and happiness which seems too good to be true.

Barbara Lochiatto, a widow from Boston, came to The Villages allured by its promise of endless happiness. But now, she feels lonely and isolated, as she continues to work full-time and half-heartedly engage in the superficial community activities. Senior couple Anne and Reggie Kincer found their year-long marital bliss on the verge of crumbling down after the husband started experimenting with hallucinogenic drugs at 'The Village'. He was arrested later for possession of marijuana and cocaine. The singles club is a prime attraction — with over 20, members most of whom are divorced or widowed.

As the over seniors party every day in kitschy attire with cheap booze, they look for companionship for the night.

Swingers the villages. Swinging.

As the night proceeds, the harmless dancing and flirting soon descend into open sexual activities, accentuated by cocktails with sexually suggestive names like 'Green Nipple' or 'Sex on the Square'. There have been past instances of arrests for public drunken sex, most notably when year-old Peggy Klemm was detained for having sex in public with a man younger to her by 19 years.

A crowd comprising mostly 60 to year-olds continue the drinking and partying till late night — often indulging openly in swinging and other sexual activities. In fact, the New York Post once termed the swinging scene at 'The Villages' as ''ground zero for geriatrics who are seriously getting it on.

Swingers the villages. Swinging.

A report by Buzzfeed states that wearing red buttons or gold shoes, sticking a loofah on a golf cart antenna, or sticking one's shirt tag out are invitations for swinging. There are couples who choose to sleep with other men and women by random selection of golf cart keys jumbled into a bowl. And these key parties are quite regular. An unabashed community of swingers has given rise to a Viagra black market. There are restaurant and bar employees who have admitted to witnessing the seniors engaging in orgies quite often.

Aside from the thriving and quite rowdy sexual scene, a major portion of the 'Villagers' are staunch supporters of Donald Trump and MAGA believers. They created quite a hullabaloo by a pro-Trump rally last year that threatened the homes and properties of other residents.

The Daily Mail states that somewhere the believers of Make America Great Again coincide with the set of inhabitants happily living 'the American dream'. Turn on web notifications for latest news Notifications can be turned off anytime from browser settings.

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Swingers the villages. Swinging.

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