Sex date in Milwaukee

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It's so easy in winter to just chill on the couch with your date, wrapped up in cozy throws while you marathon Stranger Things for the third time, but that gets pretty boring after a while. Also it would be a pretty awkward first date. So avoid the temptation to hibernate and get out and about: There's still lots of things to do in Milwaukee. Next time you're racking your brain for a unique and actually enjoyable date idea, take a deep breath and peruse these suggestions -- and feel free to take credit for any and all of them.

Kilbourn Town The newest neighborhood in the city is called the Deer District read our full guide to the Deer District here. Nestled next to the Fiserv Forum, it's got plenty of bars, attractions, and restaurants to stay busy for a few hours together. Head to Good City Brewing for a beer flight and some pizza, then browse the holiday Christkindlmarket for blown glass ornaments, and finally play a few games at Punch Bowl Social. Thanks to him, attending a Bucks game has gone from a snooze fest to an entertaining couple of hours.

Even if you or your date isn't a big basketball fan, it's hard to not get swept up in the energy of the crowd when Giannis makes a monster dunk from the free throw line. The highlight comes at the end when you get to sample a ton of their alcohol, from maple rum to absinthe. Then head back upstairs and belly up to the bar for some great cocktails. Tours fill up fast with walk-ins, especially on weekends, so plan ahead and buy tickets. The only things that have changed are that you can sit at the bar now, there are actual set hours, and the thick layer of dust is gone.

It's still a romantic, quirky spot to share an ice cream drink with two straws. The tropical dome is full of palm trees, humidity, and secluded paths for a quick make-out session. Various locations Or if you prefer, walk and eat -- or bus and eat, for the lazy among us. After learning everything you ever wanted to know about H-D, have dinner and drinks at Motor without even moving the car or bike.

Landmark Lanes and Bay View Bowl are the two primo alleys, with dive bar digs and drink specials that'll give you and your date something to stick around for hours after your games have ended. And yes, there are a few bottles of beer, too. Bay View For as long as movie theaters exist, this date will never go out of style.

Sex date in Milwaukee

Skip the big multiplexes in favor of the Avalon theaterwith its old-school ambiance and full menu of spiked root beer floats, garlic pepperoni knots, Cuban sandwiches, and of course popcorn, all of which you can eat at your seat. The Brew City Bruisers' season starts in January, and their bouts are raucous, highly entertaining, and full of punny names like Maiden Milwaukee and Micro Bruisers.

Escape rooms -- where you and a group must figure out how to free yourselves from a locked room -- are popping up all over the place. They can be very beneficial to a relationship: if after 20 minutes you'd rather be anywhere but that room, chances are you're not a good match. Since it's dotted with bars and restaurantsyou don't even need to have a solid plan: just stroll, chat with your date, and stop where it looks interesting.

Brunch is a big deal in Milwaukee, so we've got some pretty great restaurants that are only open during the day, like Blue's Egg and Engine Company 3. And just like an evening date, drinking is totally acceptable, so there's really nothing stopping you from thinking outside the dinner box.

Sex date in Milwaukee

Various locations Lucky for us, arcades are now usually attached or located in bars. They're no longer the places where pimply teens congregate, but socially acceptable hangout spots for anyone with a nerdy bone in their body.

The latest to open, Up Downis a multistory sensory overload of tongue-in-cheek neon s, pop culture murals, and over 60 games. When you want to have a conversation without the midi music in the background, head out to the upstairs patio. Lower East Side Imagine a place where you create your own mini golf holes from piles of weird obstacles, then play them, all while drinking in an underground bar -- that place is Nine Below, and it's a must for anyone who loved putt putt as a.

This is a great one for group dates, so wrangle some friendly couples and go big with it. Burnham Park Kochanski's Concertina Beer Hall is a bar with two stages, Polish drinks, lots of history, and plenty of polka, rockabilly, honky-tonk, and rock shows. If your date can't appreciate that kind of music in a divey, unpretentious bar, then there's probably no hope for your relationship. Bonus: Those cooking skills may come in handy later on in the relationship. Downtown and Glendale While all of our outdoor beer gardens might be closed for winter, there's still a few places you can get your beer in giant glass liter mugs.

Old German Beer Hall downtown serves Hofbrau brews and Usinger's sausages in a raucous atmosphere, complete with hammerschlagen. In Glendale, a north shore suburb, Bavarian Bierhaus brews their own beer in a cavernous beer hall that makes for a fun, communal fish fry. Various locations Milwaukee has a lot of great museums, and you'll have no shortage of talking points on date. You can find the rattlesnake button together at the Milwaukee Public Museumor take some amazing first date couples selfies in the beautiful Milwaukee Art Museum atrium.

For a more traditional evening date, head to a MAM After Dark eventeach with a different theme, dancing, cocktails, and entertainment. Various locations Food halls are a thing now, and Milwaukee has a few that have popped up recently.

They're great for first dates or blind dates, because who knows what kind of food the other likes? Crossro Collective has everything from barbecue to handmade pasta, plus a secret entrance speakeasy I'm not telling you; figure it out together! Sherman Phoenix has art spaces and shops in addition to food vendors, while the suburban Mequon Public Market has great Greek food and salmon burritos. Hop on the Jingle Bus there for a lazy, warm way to see a bunch, and then walk a couple blocks east and freeze while you skate in Red Arrow Park.

And if you're feeling nostalgic, drive around Candy Cane Lanejust like when you parents took you when you were six. Punch Bowl Social Milwaukee. Explore the Deer District. Score tickets to a Bucks game. Sample the best liquors at Great Lakes Distillery. Take the a brewery tour at Lakefront Brewery. Go retro at At Random. Take a trip to the tropics at The Domes. Walk and drink on a Bloody Mary tour. Go hog wild at the Harley-Davidson Museum. Be an alley cat.

Sex date in Milwaukee

Find your favorite cider at Lost Valley. Get back to basics with dinner and a movie.

Sex date in Milwaukee

Cheer on the roller derby gals. Get locked in a room together Stroll the Riverwalk. Grab a truly excellent brunch together. Go for the high score at a retro arcade. Make your own mini golf at Nine Below. Polka your pants off hopefully at Kochanski's.

Sex date in Milwaukee

Learn to cook at the Milwaukee Public Market. Drink German-style in a beer hall. Check out a museum you haven't been to since high school. Nosh around a food hall. Gaze at twinkling holiday lights. Lacey Muszynski is a Milwaukee writer who needs to schedule a date to Meritage. Follow her on Twitter worthhersalt. Make Fun. Thrillist Serves. Social Media Links.

Sex date in Milwaukee

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