Personal playboy Waterbury Connecticut

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View Full Version : Escort Reports. Finally managed to hook up with Bella to see if she was for me and I was quite happy. She's petite and thin, but no obvious s other than maybe she hits the pipe. She was clean. Dressed how I asked. She works out of her own apartment, which wasn't relatively clean and private.

Personal playboy Waterbury Connecticut

I'll go back and see her again. So recently was able to get in touch with her and set up a day dream, have to say it was worth the wait she is very nice outgoing and clean 1. Would be curious to know.

Personal playboy Waterbury Connecticut

Whats her stg? Skip her. Heavy dope user. Arrest warrants. Bad news. Yes, very bad news. Stay far, far away! Tried calling and texting Jasmine but no response. Even her social media has been fruitless. Any advice on how to get her to respond? Thanks, HH. Tried to hook up with Jasmine and haven't been able to yet.

But she keeps texting me at random times trying to get me to pick her up or get her a hotel room. MAkes me wonder if she is trying to play me or set me up. I've never met her before so I can't get a sense as to whether or not she's just trying to make things work or if she is trying to hustle me. Been texting back and forth with her, figured worth a shot with all the fakes I've encountered lately, she kept it very brief, told me she makes her own schedule and all I have to do is give her enough of a he up before I come to her, so I threw tomorrow out there in the afternoon, I also asked if there were any other details I should know, she confirmed the time worked and said if I read her post that everything I would need to know before meeting her is outlined there.

That was it, not sure how this will play out. I agree, was just wondering if anyone has taken the plunge as she could be very worthwhile and organized unlike a lot of our favs. Stay safe, D. Thats bella from southington area. She's fun, pics are accurate, she actually enjoys getting into it. Been seeing her or a bit now. She made me feel really comfortable the first time I went there. She could tell I was not at ease.

Now I really look forward to my day dreams about her. She never rushes me out the door and if she doesn't have another friend coming we usually sit and bullshit for a while. Nice to think someone cares about more then just money. It's frustrating because I'll text her and get a reply at some random time later in the day or the next day and by that time I can't just drop what I'm doing to go and make her panties drop.

She seems to be real and going through some hardships, but who knows. I'll keep trying in hopes of tasting that sweet nectar. Any link to Jasmine? So 2 in a search on stg. She had an ad posted yesterday morning but it's no longer there anymore.

Personal playboy Waterbury Connecticut

Trying to find her listing. If not, any info? It basically freaked out potential clients. I've tried texting her twice and she doesn't answer. Does she only take phone calls? Or maybe the new posts have made her more popular? So I came across Bella bellz on social media. Looks like her and jasmine are friends. I might inquire about a doubles session.

I was planning a visit and then saw a post a few weeks ago on this site that stated she is closer to early forties years of age and pretty flabby and that the pictures were old and the low cut dirty white socks were a sure she is most likely shooting up check back through the post about two to three weeks back.

Dreamed about this girl this afternoon. Basically the girl in the pictures but slightly heavier but is eager to please. Offers bb service but I covered up. If your looking for a good pump and dump I would suggest. Seems that she's got pretty popular over the last few days. Enough to increase her rates to 3 an hour. Now that was fast!

Thinking about giving her a try. I saw her some time ago and she was fun. Been meaning to go back. Was only there for a qv but it ended with my cum all over her face which was nice. She's also not lying about being a squirter. I also think she's moved locations and is no longer on a certain street that was raided.

Not worth it. When I was with her, she was falling asleep. Hooked on something big time, sores all over. Been there, done that.

Personal playboy Waterbury Connecticut

Search the thread for my review. Thanks for the info. Does not sound like the type of provider you want to spend any time with. Sometimes even a good BBBJ isn't worth the risk. We all need to support each other and that's what I like about this site. She's a thick PR girl with a bit of a belly. But the back and tits make up for it. She let me play for a bit and instructed to do her doggy. Since it was just a qv I decided to stay in that position until completion. I'm not sure if she does BB because that's not my thing.

She's also pretty attractive as well. She wasn't a clock watcher. However, I think next time I'm going to see if she will do 8. For the qv. Damage was a Benjamin, but I was already in area so I didn't negotiate. Haven't seen Bella. Met up with Jasmine today.

Personal playboy Waterbury Connecticut

They have been best friends for a long time. They have known each other before escorting. Jasmine only hosts one or two days a week. She has another job and she also dances. Anyway, I highly recommend Jasmine. Pictures in her post are real. Jasmine and Bree are now my favorites. Bree has not posted for about a month. Texted her over the weekend. Says that she doesn't just do escorting. She says she has 2 other jobs and goes to school.

Those interested can PM me if you want. I could be wrong fellows but these two seem awfully fishy. For the record I usually don't go for such low effort either but I don't know what makes them fishy. Couldn't get a name but was able to verify that it's serviced by Verizon Wireless. Then googled the Then texted around 6;30 pm today--no response. Ill keep yall posted with any developments. She's a heavy iv user. Finally met her today. Ok she's young 20's, cute but obese, not morbidly obese but heavy.

Dyed blonde hair, decent personality, laid back. BJ was good but location made me a bit leery as I'd never been there before. One thing I didn't like was that she did not appear freshly clean, she was kinda clammy to the touch which would have been an issue if we were screwing. I'll see her again but will try to get her donation down to It seems she changes her contact every so often.

Personal playboy Waterbury Connecticut

email: [email protected] - phone:(295) 488-1095 x 4495

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