No bs just friends

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No bs just friends

Alright people, buckle up your seatbelts, grab a Red Bull and get ready to hop on this straight-up, no-BS guide to love, sex, and dating in NYC. Dating in NYC is filled with tropes and arbitrary guidelines. You must be somewhat busy or the other person gets bored. Who the hell is supposed to pay on the first date?

We surveyed you, our ciaooo! Readers, our friends at BOUNCE and went to experts left and right for the ultimate guide to making your dating, sex and love lives the best it can be. If this is a statement that you believe to be true, then you, my friend, may be the problem. On top of that, if you believe that everyone sucks, then everyone IS going to suck.

Are you the self-aware, living life to the fullest, loving person out there? Or are you one of these people who hate their jobs, their friends, their dating lives, and possibly, even themselves? If your mindset is negative, you will be negative. If your mindset is positive, you will be positive. Your dating life will reflect your dating life entirely. So you have to ask yourself, would you be dating yourself? We reached out to dating expert, Cora Boyd for her take on how to improve your dating lives.

She had this to say. The people who are most successful in dating are the ones who make a habit of taking micro risks on a consistent basis. Dating takes courage and proactivity. You have to be proactive in meeting more people. Think about yourself as an outsider. Would YOU be dating yourself? So there you have it, be the best YOU for yourself first.

According to a nationwide survey on singles done by Match. Delete it. Then re-download it a few weeks later only to go through the process again. Here are a few things to make the swiping process a little more in your favor. Unsolicited Dick pics. Inadvertent requests for Sex, Nudes, or seriously lame sexual innuendos.

Pics with fish, tigers or Machu Picchu. Blurry pictures with sunglasses, entire profiles with all group photos, pictures with exes, pictures and basic ass profiles that simply do not genuinely reflect who YOU are. Profiles should be an honest portrayal of you and who you are. Try not to only go for pictures that you look good in like a bunch of selfies or insta-thot pics but instead, images that showcase what you are like in your natural habitat.

Enjoy hiking? Throw in a hiking picture.

No bs just friends

Obsessed with tacos? Grab that taco pic. Go ahead and show off that quirky personality of yours, at least, it will draw in the type of person who can appreciate it! Try to also add interesting information that makes it easier for people to start a conversation. Are you totally boring and ordinary? No, absolutely not! So why should your profile be? When it comes to talking to people, remember, consistency is key. This means following through on dates, being active and vocal about what you want.

You know that coworker that keeps inviting you out? Or the neighbor that said to come through to their dinner party next Friday?

No bs just friends

Say yes, and go — even if you have to go alone. Most of the people that we meet, the opportunities that come our way, come by way of our outer circle. Our best friends and family want the best for us, but we generally know those people and their networks already. The same goes for jobs and connections. Attend events that tie into your interests and are have large groups of people. Like comedy? Take a stand-up class. Love soccer? Zogsports. Like happy hours? Come to our trivia night! Listen up, world. Texting and taking a day or two or never to respond is unholy and RUDE.

Of course, there are rare situations where you genuinely were too busy, but that should be seldom. Taking forever to text back means one of two things:. On top of that, embrace the idea of the daily check-inor maintenance text. It still happensand have a date planned for a certain, ambiguous date. This requires a daily check-in because well, you want to get some sort of excitement ready for the day. Pop in with an inside joke or reference to their profile, the upcoming date, or something you guys have chatted about.

Putting in a little bit of effort will put you above all the countless lazy daters out there. Texting is difficult to translate, we have our friends look everything over and spend hours poring over hidden meanings and intentions.

No bs just friends

No matter how busy they are. Here are a few ways that we can try:. The text convo is popping, their photos are cute and they seem to be way better than anyone else out there…and then comes, the reschedule. In our survey of ciaooo! You have to set standards and speak up for yourself. Be able. Dating should be fun! But grabbing drinks is lame and devoid of effort. People always appreciate the effort. Bike rides, exploring new neighborhoods, taco hopping, playing bar games, and exploring a random event are all fun ways to engage that quite frankly, might even be cheaper than getting drinks.

Both parties should invoke fun ideas. At least OFFER to pay for the first date this applies to both men and womenand try not to be tardy. Try not to be flakey. It is completely unfair to both parties that you are still with someone. All of these can feel taboo, but it also allows you to get a gauge of what is going on. What do you like? How do you prefer it? Just be assertive, honest and give people the peace of mind they deserve after fucking with them.

In our opinion, ghosting is the most cowardly way out of handling something because it means you either a. Ghosting also le us to think that most people are simply not mature enough to deal with confrontation. A survey from BOUNCE dating app found that 64 percent of people found ghosting appropriate early on with varying degrees of acceptance between dates. When asked why people ghost, our readers provided the following:. You need to communicate what you want and what your expectations are.

Just ask. But you have to be OK with the outcome, and when you are confident in what you want and respect yourself and your boundaries, then it means they have to deal with that as well and learn to respect you. One of the common things we see in relationships are people giving themselves away entirely to each other-sacrificing themselves and their identities for the relationship. You had what you thought was an amazing date, talking and drinking till the end of the night and having a straight-up Notebook esque makeout session or National Geographic level sexcapade.

No bs just friends

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The No B.S. Guide: How to Get a Girl to Like You