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Some forums can only be seen by registered members. View detailed profile Advanced or search site with Search Forums Advanced. The Falcon. I live in the Town of Wawayanda, which is a great place to live. Another town would be Warwick, both Wawayanda and Warwick have the best schools in the area Minisink Schools are from kidergaten to 12th grade on one campus, unless you move to Mount Hope.

There it's from kidergarten to 6th grade, then your child goes to the main campus. I had 6 children go through this school system. My son has his children in the Warwick school system, which is an excellent school system also. You have trains and bus systems if you don't care to drive. If you drive, Middletown is about an hour and a half.

Newburgh adult forum

From Warwick about an hour. Dr Gonzo. Middletown was a great place to live As kids here, we didnt lock our doors, could walk around or ride bikes anywhere, even in the middle of the night. Except for one really bad incident in the early 80s, you never really heard about violent crimes. Its overcrowded, the ro cannot handle the traffic, and its way to expensive considering the jobs in the area. Middletown kids used to joke about NEwburgh, but Middletown really has become Newburgh. If youre a adult, walking around doing whatever, you dont really have to worry about crimes like assault, robbery and the like.

I think most crimes around here tend to be theft and robbery of homes. A dog and a ADT system would be recommended in the area for home owners. I have both But i really dont think youre going to need to worry about crime as your going to the Walmart,Target, Charlie Browns etc.

Newburgh adult forum

I walk around downtown Middletown the old, "dangerous" part of town all the time, have all my life, and have never had a problem my Barber, favorite bar, and Carmines bakery are there. But I can see it being more problematic for. Come in Middletown to do youre shopping or eat or whatever and go back home. As far as shopping goes, everything you need is here. Youll have to search for them, but in the good weather there are even quite a few farmets markers around. It realy is a nice area - theres alot of mountains, sights, etc.

Im looking to get out once my GF and I sell our 2 homes. If you can afford it, the Fishkill and outskirts of that area is a MUCH better option and you can take the train from Beacon or the Taconic into the city - only about 50 minutes by car. THat area is more expensive, but as said maybe you can get lucky and find something outside the larger towns. Now is the time to buy as sellers who really want out are selling homes for less now.

A friend of mine who sold her recently deceased father in laws home, in Mount Hope, about 15 minutes outside Middletown, Minisink schools - it was worth a couple years ago, they just sold it for Depending, taxes should run you in the 6k range. Last edited by Dr Gonzo; at PM. Originally Posted by Dr Gonzo.

If youre a adult, walking around doing whatever, you dont really have to worry about crimes like assault, robbery and the like. A violent crime can happen anywhere. Unless you go a very rural area, youre going to have crime. Im not trying to be inconsiderate or anything as I have personally been affected by 2 crimes in my life here - one, was a friends father who was murdered in the early 90s outside his apartment, and another was a friends sister who was killed by a jealous boyfriend.

I hope they caught whoever did that. Thats exactly was I was talking about in the beginning of my reply. That stuff never used to happen in middletown - but with the population growing everywhere, thats not the case anymore. I still say the chances of being a victim of violent crime here, as much as long time residents complain about the rise in crime, is relatively low.

Youre more likely to be the victim of theft or robbery. Ive been here my whole life, with a few gaps in time here and there over the years and have never been the victim of any crime. Still, Im sick of NY and want to get out. Ive been looking at mostly northern PA, very remote and rural country. If you go to the PA boards, theyre complaining about rising crime too. Last edited by Dr Gonzo; at AM. This is the worst town to live in. I moved here a year ago and I am hating every minute of it. The publis schools sucks including the community college orange out right racist.

Professors complain about nyc resident coming to the country with their attitudes and spoiling the town. They should be happy that city folks are moving here. The police officers at 2 james street are racist. I have been pulled over for dumb ass reasons to get a ticket,intresting enough the chief of police is black. I guess he only care for his ass only. Reminder chief of police you are supposed to look out for your own. I would not moved here if it was the most beatuiful house in ny.

Newburgh adult forum

I rather be dead than living here. I am about to move very soon. I hope the minority people of middletown should stand up to the nonsense that is going on and then these corrupted government will change their ways. Orange Community College should have a strict policy on professors and students who are racist that it is not be tolerated. VA Yankee. Originally Posted by pattr I have been pulled over for dumb ass reasons to get a ticket ,intresting enough the chief of police is black.

Police are not only bad in Middletown. For those who say Middletown is bad, it really is not too bad at all. It is an average small city. They just make these false assumptions based on their prejudices. In reality, the crime levels really haven't changed much though.

There was a bad year or two around when Duncanson was mayor, but now things have calmed down again. If you look at the s, Middletown basically has an average crime rate. Middletown schools actually now are very respected, which wasn't the case until recently. Eastwood, the district superintendent, has really turned the district around. Middletown was recently named one of the top 10 places in the country, by Kiplinger's, to raise your children.

While I would disagree with this distinction, it does show that Middletown can't be that bad. Middletown definitely isn't a wealthy city and, as far as I know, it never has been. It's a someone poor city and it's not beautiful, although it has some nice historic architecture.

Middletown has some crime and some problems, but it's not much worse than most small cities. I think two of the best points about Middletown are that it hasn't decent shopping mostly in Wallkill though and great food options, not just in the suburbs, but downtown. There are so many great places to eat downtown. Just within few blocks you can get some great Mexican, Puerto Rican, soul food, Jamaican, Trinidadian, Ecuadorian, Chinese, pizza, fine dining Italian, fine dining Asian, fine dining American.

The food options downtown are great. I highly recommend it.

Newburgh adult forum

Orange County in general is going down the toilet fast. It is not "quiet" here any more. Rents are exceedingly high as are utilities. Most cities Middletown, Newburgh, Port Jervis are terribly riddled with crime and gang activity. There are malls and shopping centers everywhere you turn and traffic is really terrible. The area is made up of people like you New York City transplants and have brought that mind set with them.

I have lived here most of my life and have to say, I would not recommend it to anyone. You would be better off looking into Eastern Pennsylvania. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. It is free and quick. Additional giveaways are planned. Detailed information about all U. Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait. View detailed profiles of: New York, New York. Monroe, New York. Warwick, New York. User Name. Remember Me. View detailed profile Advanced or search site with.

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Newburgh adult forum

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