Naughty girls oslo

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City guide ratings explained. Budget other: This is the most expensive city in the world. No joke. I really liked the city. The standard is hovering above average. You will see many cute faces, light eyes and plenty of blondes, but in general the females are quite large. Their average height is 5 ft 6 in cm and they tend to be quite broad.

The upside to that is they have decent sized breasts the average cup size is larger than a D cup. The most popular color in Oslo fashion is grey and black. Generally, the best looking girls in Oslo are the Swedish ones! PS — the best looking girl I saw in the country was actually an Ethiopian. Attitudes: I have generally positive things to say about Norwegian girls in this regard. They are super-liberal, exceptionally friendly, and horny as hell. They actually behave like dudes when it comes to sex. Many of them actually approach YOU. The girls here are extremely receptive to approaches and are willing to make out pretty fast, too.

You must think like a viking to catch viking. We scored a small stick of hash to do us 3 days for NOK. Where to buy Marijuana: Easiest way to score some hash is in center of the city, the subway will take you there. Area in the middle of the city, all drug dealers are standing along the river there. Prices: One gram of hash costs 12 Euro, five grams costs Euro and ten grams between Euro.

Prices are 19 Euro for one gram, and Euro for five grams. The following recommendations are based on my own personal experience and recommendations by my mate Atlas Al who has been living in the city for 2. In fact, he just wrote the book on flagging! Check it out here! You have a few good options when it comes to nightlife. Firstly, you have the upmarket west end. On the west side of town. A few players I talked to recommended it as a great venue for picking up. Website here. This basement hangout is my personal favorite.

Naughty girls oslo

I picked up here consistently and so did my mates. I only saw this place during the day, but unfortunately I was too drunk to make there afterhours. Highly recommended. Why not check out more cheeky City Guides? For more info, and if you have any questions on Oslo. Oslo data sheet by Sirob Roosh V forum. Pick up in the Nordics Attraction forum. This pretty much lines up with my Oslo experience.

Girls are better looking than American girls by a fair margin because nobody is fat, but not as hot as Swedish girls. Great breakdown of Oslo! Hi guys. Thank you for writing this post. Where is the best place to meet students girls on Friday, Saturday night. Thanks Lee. I wish you had written this last year before I went…The place was very boring to me. I spent 4 days there and left and swore to never go back…very expensive also.

Naughty girls oslo

I had better luck in Sweden. Maybe next time…I am off to Senegal next. I have a home there. Mind helping me out? Can you recommend somewhere, apart from Krakow where chicks are hot, good nightlife for the time of year? Ok I have some friends in Oslo and spent 2 weeks there for the holidays a few years ago. If you know a local it is even easier. We stayed at a house just on the edge of the city where she was housesitting, me my friend and her friend who was also female. Me and two Norwgian ladies who were quite attractive. Night 1 was just hanging out. Night 2 asked if I could roll, why yes, after getting nice and ripped we played strip poker and then I had fun with both for three straight nights.

New Years Eve they hooked up with different guys, left me at a fiends house and easy enough to hook up again. In 2 weeks in Norway 4 different girls. But yes Norwegian girls are a bit broader but well endowed and very adventurous. One gram of hash costs 12 Euro, five grams costs Euro and ten grams between Euro. The best looking girls in Oslo are Swedes? Well, I think many will disagree on that. I hardly believe any non-Scandinavian are able to see the difference between Norwegian and Swedes. Ask any Swedish male and they will probably say that the Norwegian girls are the best looking.

Hi, Stumbled across this. As a Norwegian lady I smiled through most of what you wrote — pretty spot on! But had to comment re your evening with the two ladies. Think you were more being played than being the player. Good looking guy and the conceding friend will set the deadline tight, and it needs to be pretty clear the deal will be closed.

Another difference in dibs rules: the conceding girl is allowed to run interference, and more subtly seduce the guy. And it often in crazy nights! Amazing experiences guys! I am travelling to Norway for 2 months! Mostly will be in Bergen! Where did you stay? Im going next month February Any tips on solo travel from OSL airport?

Naughty girls oslo

First solo trip, pretty exited. Are the people there opening and cool with black guys. Everything what was said is very true. Hello i sell the best weed in Oslo Amnezia haze quality like a coffeshop in Netherland.

Send me message: [ protected] normal deal face to face bro! You are pretty spot on in your review. But I think maybe you had a little luck with making out with two girls at the same time. I suspect they were drunk? I think Norwegian women are extremely beautiful in appearance. A Norwegian blonde women that take care of herself, is feminine and are naturally beautiful. Oh my god! Like the blogger you use as example in this post.

Not much can beat that! The sad part however is that so many Norwegian women have lost just that, their femininity. So many talk, act and behave like men.

Naughty girls oslo

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