My husband wants to watch you fuck me

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By submitting the form, you acknowledged that you are or over 18 years old and you will follow local policies and laws. Posted May 29, by Hotcouple views 30 comments. He basically said he wants to see me be serviced by several young men and watch them have their way with me I have to admit, this is a turnon and I have fantasized about this on occasion but to actually do it I don't know Only had two young guys at once, taking turns is all. Be careful. I did this for my husband and was very turned The sexual high but moral low was surprising my husband by fucking our son.

Holy shit!! That is taking it to the extreme. I can see how this is both a high and low for you. My husband and I, both 26 I am bi, have been swinging for about a year now.

My husband wants to watch you fuck me

I sometimes wonder how far we are willing to go for our sexual pleasure. It scares me how far I went. My son cumming in me and then taking my husband inside. Full of guilt but the high was extreme. My dad and I used to double team my mom all the time. Occasionally I would get her alone but it was pretty rare. I think the main attraction for her was watching me and dad 69ing.

Your husband fucked him?? That is extreme. I took my husband inside me after my son came in me. I would love to see my wife get fucked by a group of very well hung guys. It'll never be anything more than a fantasy because my wife is a frigid prude. She never used to be that way though, in her younger years she was quite a slut.

Same here, dad and I would dp mom. He was ok with me fucking her when he was gone, as he was an over the road trucker and gone a couple weeks at a time. He had girlfriend's all over the country anyway.

Dad and I didn't do too much. He enjoyed fucking my two sisters also. Mom wasn't bi, so it was me and her, or me and my sister's on occasion. I was the youngest so I didn't get to fuck my sister's very often. Usually when they were still horny after a date. I've always been good with my tongue And they loved getting eaten. My husband loves to fuck my cream pie. Thats what my husband said Thats hot and something I could entertain Between 15 and 17 my cute little wife partied on Saturday nights and had multiple sex partners. Doing the math that sweet little pussy of hers had hundreds of cocks in it!

My wife and I might try a threesome with another guy then woman. He might be cuck but hes game baby so enjoy it. I think that by you having the courage to open up and fuck your son is a very honorable thing to do. There's a lot of damn fine ladies out there who would jump through their own ass holes to fuck their own sons, but live in fear and frustration because its "not acceptable ". You are a very good and decent lady for opening up the way you did and there's a lot to be said for about that.

I have a lot of respect for women who have the strength and courage to open up and go through with these things, welcoming their families into this lifestyle. My name is Amanda and I am an advocate for the incestuous lifestyle in Chicago and we consider it a very honorable and highly respected progressive alternative sexual lifestyle here in chi-town.

Truth of the matter is that there's a lot of damn good men out there who would love to do this. They are smart enough to know and understand that we need to feel free with our bodies and enjoy what mother nature has given us. I love letting multiple gentlemen cum in my pussy and I actually need it now that I've experienced it.

My husband wants to watch you fuck me

Its such a nice way to enjoy the natural desires we have. When I was in high school and collage I did a lot of 3somes 4somes. At least every 3 months sometimes may some times 2 months in between. This older man I'm dating fantasizes about us having a 3some. I didn't tell him that I've been there that. Than pretend it's my first time. I want all of then guys to blow their cum lo on my face. I would love to put a little spin on that and have my wife watch me while I suck or get fucked by several guys, while she gives play-by-play commentary on what we're doing and tells us what she wants to see us do next!!

Hmmmm, that is so hot. I love the visual of you being covered in cum and hime fucking you. I wish I could help you :. What about the other three sucking your tits and licking your ass? You need to let your hubby watch you get a good fucking. I like to take my wife out and "make" her fuck strangers. I try to spot places that look like we can make it look like it's not planned at all. After she got a little more brave she fucked some different guys she ran into. It's fucking hot watching her get fucked and fun when I'm there and get to tell her to show someone her tits or suck their cock.

Love sloppy seconds. I usually lick her pussy and when she's told me a couple of nasty stories right after being fucked it's just that much dirtier. When she gets fucked really good her pussy gets puffy and when it's like that she's super sensitive. My boyfriend wants me to suck his cock while 2 guys take turns fucking my pussy. Do guys really do this with women they love, or is he just using me? My boyfriend wants me to suck him while other guys fuck my pussy.

My husband wants to watch you fuck me

I see you like shsring your wife. Why do men like this? Every hole filled and both hands and her big tits. I want to see my girlfriend do 10 virgins in a row.

My husband wants to watch you fuck me

I would tell each one of them to not try to hold back their cum and to just fuck her and cum in her as fast as they can. One boy after another doing a two pump cum two pump cum two pump cum. Why does it turn you on? Curious cause my husband wants this too. The idea of watching other men, especially younger men pleasuring her is so erotic.

I want to see her go wild with lust and cum on strange cocks while moaning on another. Add comment as: Anonymous RawConfessions user required. If you are in need of help please contact people who care and please remember suicide is never the answer. International Suicide Helplines. Is My Fetish Porn Induced? Rebooting Basics: Start Here.

PornFree Subreddit. Truth About Porn - Research Studies. No part of this website can be reproduced in any form without prior written consent. Add post as: Anonymous. RawConfessions user required. My husband wants to watch me take several guys at once Related Confessions. Watching anything poorly animated gives me a severe headache.

You know those cheap knock off disney movies your Grandmother bought at the discount store, yea them, watching them is physically painful for me. I am a girl and watching guy on guy turns me on. I share Netflix with my family.

My husband wants to watch you fuck me

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