Married women Lakes

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The girl is reported to have been killed after she demanded to be given ivory jewelry, a symbol of marital status in Dinka culture, before the wedding. The murdered girl, Agok Monyman Apach requested her parents to be given and ivory and other traditional marital gifts before she was handed over to her future husband. The gifts are seen as part used by the girl to honor the girl and confirm her new social status in Dinka culture.

He is alleged to have dragged her along the ground to until her clothes were torn off and she had bruises all over her body and beat her to death. Kamic Mabuong Apach ran away when realized the girl had died local citizens told Sudan Tribune. He said that the girls needs should have been met before she was married. Commissioner Deng has ordered for immediate arrest of the accused. He said that people who commit such gross crimes must be brought to justice.

Lakes state has seen several cases of gender-based violence in the last few years. In Junea father beat his daughter to death in Rumbek East county after she was allaged to have become pregnant by her boyfriend. The father had told the girl to openly denounce for the boy and to marry another man but she refused. The girl was taken to bush where she was beaten to death. My Lakes will stop being the laughing stock of South Sudanese. My Lakes will get better. My Lakes will be the "flower" of South Sudan. Do you thing that there is no such happening from other states unlike killing due to force marriage?

May the souls of all those killed of forceful marriage rest in eternal peace. The commisioner should look after the uncle who killed her and ran away ,it is actually an abused of Human rights and we need to wake up from doing such cattle are nothing but life is the major thing that we need to respect.

Married women Lakes

They are a traumatized bunch who will always cause havoc in this state since they are fully armed. Sorry true Maker Costa! Another Southern Sudanese life lost in the name of marriage and cattles! What surprises me is the "away" in Southern Sudan.

Married women Lakes

Where is the away where rule of laws can not reach? Is bad to hear that the girl was been killed in Lake State when she demanded to be given Ivory jewelry as a symbol of marital status in Dinka culture. The girl is right because in Dinka culture those thing are given to the girl before married even when the family of girl are poor the girl should wait until her married cows arrived to her family hand and than the girl take one or two cows from married cows and sell away and buy all those thing she want and than after that she will be taken to her husband house so I do not know why this man killed the girl in her right.

Surely your state have proved her self to be a faild state among the rest of the south Sudan states sins they still force marrigs, arrang Dear readers Please you better to differentiate people of Lakes state and know who are those people who always made their daughters as their main income and a source of wealth to them.

Some of you might heard the state customary laws which was set up recently in Lakes state and these laws made some people to killed their sisters and daughters if they refused to be married by man of their own choice. Commissioner will not condemed this killing but they were people who encoraged it and contributed to make customary laws in the state inorder to make laws which may discourage that killing they made what encouraged the killing. Don,t cry this was behind the customary laws you have passed last year. It is very disgrace to hear every time from Lake state the killing of our sisters because of marriages, why they chosed to killed their sisters and daughters because of animals.

They forget that we can get cows on other mean, not only from giving girls to marriage? They can cultivate well and sell their crops and buy cows. All these ways let to get cows, they are lazy to work and wait only to get cows through girls, that is disgusting tactics of geting wealth, better to change now.

We supposed to love sisters more than animals or wealth, suppose to give advice to them regarding to responsibilities and that all I can recomment as a brother. I think the human right and value human being is not exist in the lake state community. Dinka should have to know that they claims to born to rule with wrong culture. Mr daniel deng, kindly help them. We dont wants killing by force,either you wants or not for marriege,Ajok manyman apauch was killed for 80 cows. Select, cows or human being? Guys Lakes State are giving bad names to south Sudan. In February relative killed girl, the police beat people of the way they looks now kill another girl because she ask for are right.

Dinka have to leave this culture which girl have to be slave. We are living in 21 century girl should have right to marry who she love not by force. I am here asking all girl and women in south Sudan to support me in next election, I have a lot for women of south Sudan I will give them all power. Nobody will force any girl to marry by cattle or money. I will put law nobody will allow to marry more than one wife or husband. Before any man get marry, he have to know that what ever he own half of it will go to woman incase of divorce, and if they have children together his half will go to his children, women will always have right to have children under 18 years old.

Nobody will put hand on woman I mean beat women, any man slap woman can be send to jail for six months and will be put in his record. Girl over 18 years old will decide for herself what she want to do with her life. I will create best health care for every citizen where every citizen will get free treatment if they can afford to pay. Our women should be in top and I will do that if women elect me. If women of south Sudan want to have great live in Africa Vote for me in next election. I like your statement! We are new generation must of us are members of SPLM. We are going to bring our own constitution or add.

Married women Lakes

They need to know that girls are not the only source of acquiring wealth. I will not blame anybody but manyang mayom wants to destroy image of lake state citizens, Now in Bor cultures, children are being sold to Murle with cows and they just report it as abduction on website. Fools who eat eyes and fear head. Coward Dinkas Is this what you want to show the world that you are tough and brave by killing your own girls?

This girl should not be killed because she was just demanded what she deserved to have before she get marriage, but her cousin killed her knowingly and purposely for his stupidness for just simple thing. This is a crime a human being can not do, but the Dinka did it several times because they are still far away behind from civilization. I my prayer and my thought goes to the fimaly and relatives of deceased. One person act stupidly thats not mean all tribe is like that, your tribe is not perfect either.

Dinka tribes have like five stats why only Lakes State is the only state that kind of thing happen all the time? I think governor is not doing his Job well he should sake from this Job immediately if our new country have human right. Comment on this article. The following are provided by Google.

Married women Lakes

SudanTribune has no authority on it. Home News Sunday 20 February Lakes state: Girl killed in forced marriage dispute. Article Comments 20. Comments on the Sudan Tribune website must abide by the following rules. Contravention of these rules will lead to the user losing their Sudan Tribune with immediate effect. There is now also a limit of words per comment. If you want to express yourself in more detail than this allows, please e-mail your comment as an article to comment sudantribune. Hello Lakers plus reporter Manyang Mayom!

Maker Costa repondre message. Wal Muoranyar Biet repondre message.

Married women Lakes

Lake state brethern, Surely your state have proved her self to be a faild state among the rest of the south Sudan states sins they still force marrigs, arrang Don,t cry this was behind the customary laws you have passed last year repondre message. Dear poeple of Lakes, you should forget of ideologies of cattle this days all the southern sudanese think of how to educate thier girls for the bright future not that they will bring drowry.

Married women Lakes

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Married women Lakes

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