Looking for carpool people

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Connects public transit riders to drivers headed in the same direction. For about the same price as public transit, passengers save time and enjoy a more comfortable ride, while drivers save some money by sharing the cost of the commute. Drivers: Do your best to arrive on time, communicate any specifics or changes with your passengers, and above all, drive safely. Respect your driver choices when it comes to music and smoking in the car. In order to book a ride both the rider and driver need to verify their phone s and using Facebook. Your phone will only be shown to each other after you book a ride.

To boost confidence in the service community members are asked to use their real names not nicknames and real images only. Both sides have to agree for the ride to take place. Both drivers and passengers have the option to rank each other after the trip is complete.

Looking for carpool people

The maximum score is 5 stars, 1 star is the lowest score. Passengers and drivers with a low rating will not be able to use the service. In short, each driver sets their own ride price. For each ride, Moovit calculates both a suggested price and a maximum price according to the length of the trip, cost of fuel, etc. When entering a ride into the Carpool system, the driver may choose to stick with the suggested price or set their ride price higher or lower.

Usually the amount is similar to a parallel public transit ride. The service is an online platform for connecting passengers to drivers who are traveling in the same direction and want to share trips. Our Terms of Service do not allow commercial or for-profit use. Once the driver approves your request, the ride is booked and you will be notified via an app notification and an SMS.

We highly recommend contacting the driver before the ride to make sure you know exactly where and when the ride begins. Of course. That said, please be respectful of your driver and if you must cancel, please do so as far in advance as you can so the driver can accept other ride requests. For recurring rides, please note that only confirmed rides are offered to users in the Moovit app. You can do so within the ride details. For a recurring ride, you can choose to edit a particular ride only or apply the change to all such rides.

Each ride has a suggested price calculated according to the trip distance. Tapping the edit button next to the ride will allow you to lower the price or raise it. Lowering the price will make your ride more attractive to potential passengers.

Looking for carpool people

Please note, if a ride request is for only a percentage of your trip, the price will be the same percentage from the price you set for the full trip. Passengers will be waiting for you at the deated pick-up location on the specified time. You can view their name, photo, and their phone. It is recommended but not required to write a little about yourself. The responsibility of insurance coverage is on the driver. The money from passenger expense participation in your rides will be transferred once a month directly to your bank. Please ensure that you have entered your bank details into the app menu item: Payment Information.

Get there faster with a more comfortable ride. Download for Android Download for iOS. Cut down on the cost of driving. How do you verify your users? Why does the app need to connect to my Facebook ? Trust and Community To boost confidence in the service community members are asked to use their real names not nicknames and real images only. How is the ride price set? Is Moovit Carpool a "paid passenger transportation" service?

How do I find a relevant ride? Here are three ways to ride! When you open the regular Moovit app and search for a destination, if there are relevant Carpool rides, they will be displayed at the top of the search. home and work addresses and your ideal departure times. How do I book a ride? How will I recognize my driver on the day of the ride? How does the payment work? If something comes up, can I cancel a ride? How do I offer a ride? How do I cancel or edit an existing ride? How do I change the price for a ride?

Looking for carpool people

How will I recognize my passengers? Why do I write a few sentences about myself profile? Does my car insurance cover Moovit Carpool? So the passengers are chipping in for the travel expenses. How does the money get to me? Where is Moovit Carpool available?

Looking for carpool people

Currently, Carpool is only available in Israel. Carpool is available on both Android and iOS.

Looking for carpool people

email: [email protected] - phone:(756) 432-2844 x 7163

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