Last day in Henryetta looking for woman

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At PT Solutions of Henryetta, our focus is to provide a plan of care that puts you on a path to wellness deed to help you reach your goals. Our clinic has a welcoming environment that is full of energy to keep you motivated throughout your treatments. From the moment you walk in, our fun and family-like atmosphere is immediately noticeable. You will be greeted by our friendly and professional team that is ready to guide you through your physical therapy journey. Our expert clinicians treat a wide variety of age groups and many conditions, and our central location makes us easily accessible for all members of the Henryetta, OK community.

Luke is a very caring and knowledgeable PT. He is an expert in treating sports related injuries and is passionate about helping all of this patients reach their goals. I saw Dr. Luke for my low back pain I was experiencing for 8 months.

I had tried other PT places and I did not see any improvement and was beginning to think it would never get better. I saw Luke for weeks and noticed a huge improvement and I was able to be mostly pain-free and return to things I enjoy. He was very knowledgeable and friendly and made PT fun for me. I actually enjoyed going! I cannot recommend him enough! PT Solutions has a great facility and team. They helped me recover from a recent shoulder surgery, and now I am able to do the activities I enjoy again. PT Solutions was highly recommended by my orthopedist from Blacksburg.

PT Solutions really knows what they are doing and I feel sure that I will heal back to where I was before my accident. She is very knowledgeable and is great to share the information I need to know about how to achieve regaining my health. I can feel a difference every day when I walk out after an appt that I am healing. I asked for extra exercises I could do at home on my days off and was sent an easily to follow regiment. Amber Camaday PT assistant is kicking my butt but that is what I need to get better. She takes me right to the point of exhaustion, however when my appointment is over….

I am feeling great about myself and my achievements. And thank you to Linda Spencer their wonderful hardworking receptionist who has worked hard at getting my appts at great times. I was recently diagnosed with transverse myelitis. Hannah has been my main therapist and since June, I have gone from being unable to get myself on and off my toilet to being able to swim in the ocean. I was extremely weak, almost paralyzed from the waist down. I had no feeling. Most of my issues have been sensory. Hannah and Ed and Miss Christy in the office have been absolutely amazing.

They are patient and made me feel heard while still getting the job done. Highly recommend! We are so grateful to Kyle at PT Solutions. His attitude was so positive and motivating and he truly helped explain the process to both my son and I parent. He also made it extremely fun for my son. He always looked forward to going to PT. Everyone there was amazing! I am 25 and have been having chronic neck pain all my life, but it recently got worse so my physician recommended I go to physical therapy.

D is an incredible physical therapist.

Last day in Henryetta looking for woman

She listens well and observes your movements and reactions with great knowledge, adjusting your therapy as you go. I feel empowered when I leave, and my pain has decreased ificantly!! Sam is also amazing behind the desk!

Last day in Henryetta looking for woman

He is always on top of scheduling and sending reminders, and is also extremely friendly! He made sure I completely understand how my insurance would work before I got started, and was very patient with me as this was one of my first times handling my own medical payments. This is a great team and I highly recommend coming here!

Starting PT 6 weeks after major neck surgery I was in great pain. Josh took care in my evaluation.

Last day in Henryetta looking for woman

I slowly worked on my treatment and got better each visit. Josh was always there by my side to make sure I was doing it right and to keep me safe. We had fun conversations and joked around. I also worked with Laura. No matter how much pain I was in, she always keeps a smile on my face. With all their help I went from wearing a neck brace and using a walker, with a knee brace, to walking freely and no brace.

Last day in Henryetta looking for woman

I look forward to each and every visit. I must also mention Nick at the front counter making the appointments. He is also a great funny guy. I really do love all of them. I am not looking forward to my last day with them. This group of people are something very special. Call Or Text: About our Physical Therapy Clinic in Henryetta.

Our Services Physical Therapy. Covid Recovery. Neurological Rehab. Prehab Therapy. Vestibular Rehab. Current Patient New Patient. Yes No. How did you hear about PT Solutions?

Last day in Henryetta looking for woman

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