I just want to cuddle tonight

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I'm lonely. What I want more than anything is someone to cuddle with. It may be a bit pathetic but that's what the majority of my daydreaming is about these days. I don't want to have sex. I don't want to get naked. I don't want to kiss or be fondled. All I want is to cuddle. But boys never want that.

I just want to cuddle tonight

Especially not ones my age. I remember my first experience cuddling with a guy. I was He was I literally just wanted to cuddle while we watched a movie. I told him that, too. I had cuddled with friends before and it meant nothing. But it was different because it was with girls.

I didn't know how that stuff was supposed to work. He didn't believe me when I said that was all I wanted. He thought it was a ploy to get closer to him or something. He kept trying to kiss me. I'd turn my head away. Eventually it happened. It was an unpleasant experience. That was my first kiss. I didn't want it at all; nor did I want any of the other things that happened between us. But that's a different story. I wish I could just meet a guy and cuddle up and feel secure that they wouldn't try anything else.

I just want to cuddle tonight

And I wish I didn't feel guilty for not wanting anything else. I don't want to worry about whether they're bored or annoyed or something. I'm just not ready for anything more at the moment. Are all guys the same? I know that sounds like such a silly question.

I want to say "of course not" but my past experiences lead me to believe otherwise. Not that I'm very experienced in that department. But I'm so very afraid of reliving the things I have. Is it just because I can't tell the good ones from the bad yet? Long ago someone told me that I'd learn to be able to tell who is good and who is bad over time. That I just need to put myself out there more. I hate putting myself out there. I always wind up feeling so foolish.

But I'm not sure loneliness is the better option. Guy here Human contact is underrated.

I just want to cuddle tonight

It's something I shrugged off way too many times when I was younger and that I can't get enough of now. Hell, it may be a slightly different context, but the last two times girls agreed to go see a movie with me, they canceled three days before the movie.

Both times I felt like absolute shit for a while afterwards, but I would willingly go through it again a few times just so I can feel the several days of joy of the girl having agreed to go to the movies with me. If that makes sense Same boat man, same boat.

I just want to cuddle tonight

I've been talking to this girl for a long while and I know it will never evolve into anything more than friends Or even cuddling which I would be more than happy to partake inbut it's just that brief 'high' you get from being in the moment. Hang in there and don't give up. Not everyone is wired the same and I'm sure you'll find someone who'd love to just cuddle. I recently stumbled upon a video for an app called Cuddlr. Might be worth trying.

Just, you know, make sure you're safe Cuddle in public, tell someone where you'll be, etc. Im a guy,and i can absolutely feel you. I have never cuddled with another person, except my parents when i was. I kinda look like a rapist and my smile is very creepy,and I enjoy being alone,so its kinda hard to find someone.

But if youre normal,e. Your chance at finding someone are above average,i would even say very good. Also a guy here and I am a huge fan of cuddling. For me its a comfort thing. Wether its in bed,watching a movie, or even outside You have someone else there experiencing what you are with you I love cuddling, it's probably what I miss most about being with my ex, I loved snuggling up with her, she didn't lay her head on my chest and snuggle with me no, i snuggled with her.

Naked or not it didn't matter id lay my head on her chest and curl up with her and sleep. Keep in mind she was 5'3" lbs and i'm 6'1" lbs. Hence my nickname the teddy bear. Only one problem, I would get arroused cuddling with her so it ended up turning to sex.

I just want to cuddle tonight

But then we would go back to cuddling, we could literally cuddle for hours if we had the time. Not all guys just want sex or more then just cuddling. I did have that problem from time to time but i'm 20, my testostorone is at its peak is it not? If she wasn't my girlfriend at the time I was cuddling with then I probably wouldn't have been as eager to act on my arousal or maybe I would have been able to ignore it.

Now that i'm single, god do I miss it, after a long day of work and the daughter is in bed I would love to snuggle up to someone and sleep or watch a movie. I took if for granted when I was with her, always trying to go out and be active all she ever wanted to do was cuddle and watch movies all day everyday there should have been a better balance but I never thought i'd miss it this much.

One of my co-workers came up to me while i was sitting, leaned over my back and rested there with her face on my shoulder, I fucking loved it, just having another person close. It was needed. I'm 23 year old severely depressed virgin guy and I mostly just want to cuddle as well. With someone I can really relate to. Sex would be an awesome bonus, of course. The idea of me cuddling with someone is complete weird and out of this world, though. It's almost scary. I've been completely socially isolated for so long and can't even remember the last time I have had a hug or any kind of intimacy of that sort.

I only want good things for everyone yet the world and the people treat me so coldly. Oh sweetie I'm sorry. I don't know how old you are and if that makes a difference. I have a few make friends with whom I used to cuddle, where we both didn't really want anything more than human contact. Sadly they have jobs in other cities now. I don't think putting yourself out there will help as much as finding peoole whom you connect with emotionally who also like to express affection through touch.

I just want to cuddle tonight

Here's the thing. If a guy wants to cuddle with a girl, and get that close to her, there's a good chance he's interested in her in more than just a friendship way. I'm sure there are guys who will just cuddle without any romantic attachment at all, but I feel like they're few and far between, because I am definitely not one of them. Basically if you're getting that involved with someone, don't be shocked when they want to take it further.

I dont know much about women duh but i get sad days too, and wish too have someone.

I just want to cuddle tonight I just want to cuddle tonight

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