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The first time that Simeon Wade read Michel Foucault was in a graduate seminar at Harvard in the s. Madness and Civilization had been translated into English inand the book excited Wade, who had been vice president of the Baptist student union at the College of William and Mary only a few years earlier. On an apparent whim, Wade secured a tenure-track position as assistant professor in history at Claremont Graduate School, a respected if somewhat obscure research institution thirty miles east of Los Angeles, in a retirement Mecca for members of the Congregational Church.

Wade had surprised his family around by announcing over the phone that he was gay, and on Thanksgivinghe met a young composer named Michael Stoneman in a West Hollywood bathhouse. The two fell quickly in love.

Gloryholes Mandeville Los Angeles

At the age of thirty-five, Wade was at his peak: only a few years after Stonewall, he lived openly with his boyfriend in a house on the edge of campus where the two threw legendary parties, taking turns at the grand piano. On the same day that he finished Discipline and PunishFoucault, in the manner of a philosophical Balzac, began the first installment of the multivolume History of Sexuality that would remain unfinished at the time of his death, from AIDS, in Others disagree. I would confront him face-to-face.

Gloryholes Mandeville Los Angeles

He looked like an athlete rather than an academic. Obviously he did not spend all his time crouched over a desk. Several weeks later, after an evening of tequila sunrises, Scriabin sonatas, marijuana, and literary conversation, the three men leave for the desert at dawn. It appears that Foucault drew different conclusions. I know this is not true, but it is the Truth. I now understand my sexuality. It all seems to start with my sister. We must go home again. Fourteen years older than Wade, an Alabama native raised in Louisiana and Texas, Foucault grew up two hundred miles southwest of Paris, in Poitiers, which was occupied by Nazis inthe same year his mother enrolled him in Catholic school.

Not high enough to astrally project to his bourgeois childhood in Vichy France, Foucault sobers up in a motel room before going home with Stoneman and Wade, where his hosts throw a party in his honor, and the next day, they hike Mount Baldy. In any case, I intend to hold to my persuasion that the role of the teacher has to change.

In response to events, your work, and my own personal development, I have become very involved with my students, in a few cases even intimately. I do not conceal my personal life or convictions from my students, and I make every attempt to connect my life with my teaching. But for those living at the intersection of that Venn diagram, it was a big fucking deal. Rumours abound about the acid trip; this is one of those Foucault stories that everyone seems to know.

Reports from those who claim that he told them that it changed his life should probably be treated with some scepticism; the insights granted by LSD tend to be short-lived and illusory rather than real. Miller, the American biographer, first heard of the Death Valley trip while doing preliminary research in California. Wade gave Miller a copy of his manuscript, which Miller quoted from at length. Foucault establishes an affectionate tone in the first missives exchanged after his visit to Southern California. It still remains for me one of my great experiences. As Dundas writes in her foreword to Foucault in California.

The whole episode was absurd, I thought, and it triggered something deeply snarky in me.

Gloryholes Mandeville Los Angeles

Penner put Dundas in touch with Wade, who agreed to meet her—again, at Starbucks. Against her malicious intentions, Wade charmed her, as he was wont to do. Wade died in his sleep three weeks later, at the age of seventy-seven. I told him he could probably get away with teaching whatever he wanted to teach, even if some of them thought it was subversive, but he had to stop wearing those tank-tops to faculty meetings, because instead of confronting him on substantive issues, his rivals would try to undermine him on simple matters of style and decorum.

Undermine him they did. A sabbatical seems desirable for many reasons, not the least of which will be getting you back to California. The seamlessness of his pivot to Foucault in California alternately titled The Death Valley Trip suggests that Wade was hoping for success as an author to make up for his fall from the ivory tower.

Otherwise I will have to teach summer school to keep us going. The archive tells us that it took over a year for Foucault to respond, but on September 16,he offered Wade a sort of enigmatic endorsement:. I hope to see you in California next fall.

Kisses to you both. Michel F. David sent Simeon money every month from to to keep the couple afloat. Apart from peddling their wares at the gallery, which may have been more of an excuse to pay cheap rent David remembers the two taking baths in a tin tub in the parking lot once a week when the mall was closedWade picked up classes where he could at California State University Northridge and local prep schools, but a botched dental surgery in the late s left him almost unable to teach for some time, with an addiction to codeine his brother says he was never quite able to kick.

In Wade began teaching at Otis, where he became a prominent member of the faculty, but the art school salary was not enough for the couple to live on. Simeon and Michael moved to an apartment near David in Silverlake, and for the first time in nearly a decade they were blessed with a decent salary, health insurance, a pension plan.

They bought a second grand piano, and for a while they would play together, until Stoneman became too difficult to live with, and Wade moved back to L. Resisting the neoliberal condition as radically as Deleuze and Guattari prescribe may come across as impossibly naive at this late moment, but Wade lived his life as a revolutionary schizophrenic and suffered for it, to be sure.

His methods—hallucinating with students, attempting to convert his brother to homosexuality, or screening The Silence of the Lambs for the criminally insane, which he did as a psychiatric nurse—may strike us as unorthodox, but are they not more meaningful than the hundreds of articles devoted to vampirically regurgitating Foucault that journals in fields from social work and poetics to applied science and security studies publish every year? The irony that this audience has evolved into a powerful elite of tenured faculty sustained by an underclass of contingent, exploitative labor must have been painfully acute to Wade, who converted to the materialist conception of history during his junior year at William and Mary.

He never got tenure, but he was a demonstrably better teacher than his colleagues who did. Is there a campus today where this story has not yet been told? The way Patti Podesta, his favorite student, sees it, Wade chose another path: jouissance.

Gloryholes Mandeville Los Angeles

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Gloryholes Mandeville Los Angeles

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Gloryholes Mandeville Los Angeles

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Gloryholes Mandeville Los Angeles

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