Girl needed for beach

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By: Author Michele Whiteaker. A big part of my What-to-Bring-to-the-Beach system is having all my beach things pre-packed so that when I decide to take the kids to the beach — we just load up the car and go. We go to the beach year round so I have our routine down.

I love it. Always have way more shovels than you need. Shovels are also known for handle breakage — so extras never hurt. I always bring one picnic blanket for all of us to share, plus one beach towel per person. Beach umbrella. My umbrella is light and it rests perfectly atop the toys and towels.

Girl needed for beach

Mom gets a camp chair preferably one that folds and has a case with a handle that fits over your shoulder. You might not get to sit in it much, but it gives the illusion of relaxation. I even have mine fitted with zip ties to hold the umbrella in place. These are the easiest way to go. Plus, they protect the bottom of your feet from the hot sand on the way off the beach. The rest of the stuff I can already have packed. The beach picnic lunch is the only real chore I need to do to get us out the door.

Your water bottles should already be packed in your backpack. I only bring what I can fit in the backpack. I call it THE Backpack because it accompanies us everywhere we go and holds everything I otherwise might forget. It has all the things I normally forget to take to the beach like: Band-Aids, snacks, and hats. It take it to the park. I take it to the beach. No more, no less. Ditch the diaper bag and the stylish tote! Get practical and put all those goodies on your back, so you can run around and the fun. But the one we use is deed for everything we need. The big pocket is not always full, since I leave a ton of room for snacks or even a full-on picnic for trips to theme parks.

Change of clothesincluding undergarments. Especially if you have a change of clothes. Hats for everyone, adults included. I like the floppy, fisherman-type hats because they cover our ears. Snacks that can stay in the bag even if I leave it in the car.

Girl needed for beach

Pretzels are a good one. Granola bars. Just enough to tide them over until you can properly feed your youngster before they beg snacks from everyone at the park. Baby wipes AND antibacterial gel I have both — the wipes for muddy, gooey messes — the gel for washing hands before we eat. Gatorade or Crystal Light single-serving powder packets. You can mix it in your water bottle for especially hot days or extra hard hikes. Travel size baby powder and rag in a Ziploc bag is an amazing trick to remove sand.

Girl needed for beach

I never pack this myself since my car has a dark interior, I would rather deal with the sand than the powder. No more sand! My phone and keys go in here, too, when I go on theme park trips. You can refill your water bottles at drinking fountains throughout the day. For free. My blog provides general information, but for official guidance which changes day-by-day make sure you ALWAYS check official sources before you go. While we may not have the ocean, in Minnesota, we obviously have lots of lakes. These are great tips to know before we head out for summer fun. My kids are a little past that age but, I still use powder to remove the sand because I found that it does a really efficient job.

When my son was really young it was because it didnt hurt him. Now I can go play tackle football with him in the soft sand and we just dust off with the powder and it catches on the granules. People may laugh when they read this comment but, it really works.

Girl needed for beach

I just learned this beach tip from my cousin who is very experienced beach-going mother of three She kept it in a zip lock bag. Take the rag, sprinkle the baby powder and the sand just wipe off legs,arms and any other skin. It was great! I know that trick! I have baby powder and a rag in our sand toys bag. I kinda like the sand in the car, though.

Makes feel like I get to take a little of the beach home with me. Sunscreen the kids before you go and bring some to re-apply. Spyglass Hill Park in Newport Beach. Suzanne Holt Saturday 1st of August Britten Tuesday 5th of July Michele Wednesday 6th of July

Girl needed for beach Girl needed for beach

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