Cool fun in hot weather

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Summer is an exceptionally fun time of year. The kids get out of school, and they can enjoy themselves and fill up their waking hours with tons of entertainment. The adults can sit outside and watch while memories are made. There are countless ideas on what to do while playing outside, and the imagination can roam free.

Cool fun in hot weather

This list contains 40 fun things to do inside that are going to keep the kids busy and happy until it cools off, and Mother Nature is a little friendlier. Make or buy play dough. You can easily create a homemade version of playdough. This could be part of the activity, as well. Draw and color.

Make a quick run to the store to buy some coloring books or just print some from an online source.

Cool fun in hot weather

The kids can also use regular notebook paper to draw on. Use up some of the extra paper from their last semester of school. Play board games. Most parents have a few board games on hand for rainy or hot days. Use them to your advantage and get the kids playing together. Just make sure they know and follow the rules. That way, nothing gets broken, and the children are safe.

Built a fort. Use blankets, towels, and anything else you can find. Then, spend the day playing games or doing activities inside the fort! Make treats. Consider baking cookies, cupcakes, or brownies. Let the kids help you in the kitchen. Plant an herb garden. Lay down some plastic tarp over the table and plant things in pots for the day. Teach your children how to make things grow. Dance and sing in an open space. Have a picnic inside. Have a tea party. You can either make tea and other beverages or pretend. Bring the stuffed animals along for a big shindig. Race toy cars on the floor.

For an interesting spin, use yourselves as the vehicles. Play dress-up. Let the kids go through the closet and choose things to wear. Then, have a fashion show or just let their imaginations take over. Invite their friends over. Have a sleepover or just an afternoon of play. Play card games. There are tons of options out there, and most kids enjoy Go Fish and Old Maid.

You can also let them create their own card game. Have a scavenger hunt. Let them run through and find everything. Play a guessing game. Put something in a paper bag. Let your child feel it and try to figure out what it could be. Go somewhere. If you have some money saved, go to a play area or a bounce house. Local attractions are also a great idea but choose ones with air conditioning. Have a campout. You can still camp inside.

Set up the tent and sleeping bags in the living room. Eat things you normally might while outdoors and turn off the screens. Find free local events.

Cool fun in hot weather

Many bookstores and libraries have story-time and other exciting things to do. Host a puppet show. This can be a day-long activity. Set up the theater, create curtains, and decorate it all. Then, come up with a special story. Take funny pictures. Make silly faces, and take plenty of photos. Make shadow puppets. Turn out the lights, grab a strong flashlight, and use your hands to create things on the wall.

Then, guess what is there. Watch television. However, children still enjoy watching cartoons, and it can give you a minute break!

Cool fun in hot weather

Let them play with various devices. If they have an iPad or tablet, let them use it for about 30 minutes a day. You get a well-deserved break, and they can play games. Toss a balloon. The goal here is to keep the balloon in the air, and everyone can hit it back and forth. Have a water balloon fight. As the sun starts going down, let the kids outside for a water balloon fight. You can also do this in a spacious bathroom where the mess is easier to clean up.

Draw with shaving cream. Take a plastic bin and squirt in some shaving cream. Let the kids draw in it. Make pet rocks. Grab some rocks from outside and let your child paint them. Decorate them with be and other things. Play with toys in the kitchen sink. Fill the sink with bubbly water and let your kids play with their toys. Make an obstacle course. Using whatever is around the house, you can create an obstacle course for the kids to play. Challenge them by requesting that they scoot through the whole thing on their behind.

Go bowling in the basement. Set up a plastic bowling set and let the kids practice their skills. Play kitchen or fix-it. With a play toolset, they can fix problems around the house.

Cool fun in hot weather

Play with cardboard. Let the kids build a house, rocket, or anything else they want. This list is full of things that kids are going to love doing. Download our app. November 6, 5 min read. Watch a movie you all enjoy. Read a book. Paint with watercolors or finger paints. Visit the library to get plenty of books and videos. Play with blocks or Legos.

Cool fun in hot weather

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