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After US talkshow host Bill Maher called for fat shaming to "make a comeback", fellow host James Corden's impassioned response won widespread support online. But does Maher have a point? Almost two thirds of adults in England were overweight or obese in In the US, the situation is starker still.

Fat shaming might not be healthy for all but I owe my whole entire career to being fat shamed. Coaches and scouts passed on me because of my body type for years. So I went out and did all the necessary things in order to prove them wrong. On Twitter, the former professional baseball player, Kevin Youkilis, claimed he owed his "whole entire career" to fat shaming, having initially been overlooked by scouts because of his weight. That experience, though, is atypical, says Jane Ogden, a professor of health psychology at the University of Surrey.

Chubby looking to host

It lowers their self-esteem. It makes them feel depressed and anxious and as a result of that what they then do is self-destructive.

Chubby looking to host

A study by behavioural scientists at University College London found rather than encouraging people to lose weight, fat shaming led people to put on more weight. Victoria Abraham, 19, lives and studies in New York city, but grew up in Florida.

She says that her first hand experience shows Mr Maher is wrong about fat shaming. When nasty comments were made to me as I used to go home after school and eat food to make myself feel better. They just wanted to make me feel small and negative about my body.

They were the only people who had the right to talk to me about my body. The kids on the street were just teasing me for being different. If fat shaming actually worked there would be no fat people, because we have ALL been shamed at some point. Victoria stresses that she is now very confident about her body and reflects that if her younger self could have seen her now then her childhood would have been much happier.

Chubby looking to host

It was changing the media she consumed that made all the difference. If you only see media with thin white women then you think something is wrong with you. But when you see beautiful fat women you start to see the beauty in yourself. Victoria also acknowledges the health impacts of obesity.

I have tried most of them and you just put the weight back on after the diet. Now I just try and do more exercise and eat healthier things. And that's education we need to have out there. Even if you do lose weight, fat shaming can negatively impact health in other ways. Will Mavity, 25, lives in Los Angeles. Growing up in Atlanta, Georgia, he was, he says, "extremely chubby".

I started to purge after every meal," he said. I feel I have to. I start getting angry whenever I cannot work out.

Chubby looking to host

I can't shake it. Because of the fat shaming, I associate my value as a human being with the way I look. Obesity 'overtakes smoking for four cancers'. Is it wrong to be blunt about obesity? How I overcame fat-shaming. Image source, Getty Images. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites.

View original tweet on Twitter. How I overcame fat-shaming Bootcamp woman told she was 'too big' for classes US soprano Kathryn Lewek shames the critics who 'body-shamed' her. Image source, Victoria Abraham. Image source, Will Mavity. It is not a description you would use about him today. But Will developed an eating disorder. Related Topics. Published 3 July Published 3 March Published 8 March

Chubby looking to host

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