Best f friend wanted

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Best f friend wanted

If I actually stumbled across such an app, I KNOW I would either become obsessed with the search, or would be terrified of people responding to my profile. Over the past few months, I have felt lonely. Not alone, but deeply, and darkly lonely. I am blessed with wonderful neighbors, work friends, friends from back home, and even school friends that I have known most of my life.

Typical weekends are full of visits, wine, movies, and tea, surrounded by people I enjoy. Or they are quiet and spent with my guy, Dave. My partner is a TV addict. As you can tell by my daily writing, I have a lot to say. My brain goes crazy with ideas, thoughts, feelings and weird segue ways that I cannot voice. I would love to have someone to listen to those things, without judgement or lectures.

A best friend could do that. I had a best friend for over 18 years, and found her in the strangest place. In the first year of my relationship with her son, she resented me, and I was terrified of her. While the BINGO game was in motion, and no one was digging through the box of gambling tickets, we talked to each other. We bonded, like I have never bonded with anyone before.

She was the perfect best friend, and we had an undying trust in each other. By the time I was a mom, she was always there, even though we lived 40 hours away from each other. We spent hours and hours on the phone. She was the single most reliable, beautiful person I have ever shared my life with. Unfortunately, she passed away in and I have felt empty ever since. My partner and I have a great relationship. He has his things, and I have mine. We co-exist, and we have moments of laughter, passion and life. He is just not that t ype of person, and I love him both for it, and in spite of it.

And that is totally okay. I would rather he enjoyed that light humor, silliness, and nurturing qualities that I love to share with him. He is black and white in his thinking, and I am shades of grey. He grounds me.

If I was to compile a list of someone who would fit as my best friend, they would share these qualities with me:. I would always do the same for them. Shares the same. I may not want to share. I enjoy people who accept one another no matter of lifestyle, appearance, finances, or career. Not just with me, but with everything. Although, too much patience can also be annoying. I would love a best friend with a dog.

Best f friend wanted

I think that covers it. Sadly, my mother in law was ALL of these things and more, and it has been 12 years since she left my world. I have had some experiences with people who I could trust, and who I would call close friends over the past years, but there always seems to be someone in their life that takes priority over me. I get it. At almost 50 years old, it is not easy finding true, deep friendship. I blame social media for that. It is a competition to see who is happier, or sadder, or who is struggling the most, or the least.

We all fight to post our worlds for everyone to speculate and scrutinize, without the deep, meaningful intent of closeness. Regardless if I ever find a true best friend again, I am happy with the people who share my world. I am content in my alone time, and my ability to share my words and thoughts through the power of writing. I embrace my partner Dave, and all his intricacies and quirks.

I shared my soul with my ex husband, and he is now my Ex, so I have learned the value of that lesson. My daughter shares most of the qualities I long for, and we have a very strong, deep, amazing relationship. But, she has to have her own life, and the generation gap between us, and her lack of connection with her step dad is a barrier between us. She has her own life, and her own friends. She also lives 3 hours away from me, which makes it a challenge. Best friends may not be soul mates, but they definitely help your soul heal and soar. They treasure pieces of you that you see as inner struggles.

They accept and love you, even when you are at your worst, as you do them. The search and wait will continue. In the meantime, I will write, live, and enjoy the people in my world, as much as I possibly can. However, if you feel that you can fill the role, shoot me an. If you could make a Wish List for a best friend, what would it look like?

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Best f friend wanted

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Best f friend wanted

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